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Peritus does not charge upfront fees preferring to charge clients on the basis of results achieved. If we secure a refund or saving we ask the client to pay a share. No refund or saving means no fee. We do not charge clients for tendering their account since Peritus receives an introductory fee from the retailer appointed by the client. We are completely independent. We work for our clients, not for retailers.
Our billing analysis validates charges made against your energy and water usage. If we don't look we can't find. When was your account last validated by a dedicated and obsessive team?

Clients are surprised at where we look and how deep is our analysis.

There is little point in continuing a tariff or billing structure which is fundamentally unfit for purpose.

Our panel of retailers – currently around 30 – means we can find the best cost-effective tariffs and charges most suitable for clients’ needs. Remember, that we have previously validated the account so matches are specific and based on verified data.

Credibility is everything. The following link sets out why an energy consultant should be a Full Member of the UIA.


We simplify the process as much as possible. Once your instruction has been received, it's really easy to follow these few simple steps.
We simplify the process as much as possible. Once your instruction has been received, it's really easy to follow these few simple steps.

Letter of Authority (LOA)

We need permission to contact retailers on your behalf so an LOA is emailed for your electronic signature. It takes less than a minute to sign and return.

Latest Copy of Invoice

Scan a full copy (both sides and all pages) of your latest invoice in respect of ALL your energy and water supplies. If you have multiple sites, we need the latest invoice for each site.


Send us the copy invoices and we will start work. The process takes 2 - 4 weeks for energy, and 4-8 weeks (depending on what we find) for water. If you need any help during this time, simply contact us.

We strongly advise never to confirm anything verbally over the phone. In our experience this only benefits the caller and often means an in-depth account validation has not / could not have been conducted.

Peritus never uses verbal contracts and will always provide written options, advice and opinions for clients’ to make an informed and systematic decision based on facts and thorough analysis.

Yes we can and are very experienced in analysing and managing this type of situation, achieving very satisfactory resolutions for clients.

Contact us as soon as you're aware of any issue.

No, unfortunately we don’t operate in these areas.
We have an in-house CIBSE (Chartered Institution Building Services Engineer) certified Low Carbon Consultant able to assist with general queries and help.
First of all water usage needs to be quantified and qualified. From copy billing and data available to us, we will validate your billing and usage to ensure correct charges have been applied. Larger users may benefit from water loggers which will provide further insight to us. Alternatively, one of our specialist partners can fix a device to record live reporting 24/7.

Leaks are not just classified as being underground, leaks occur within buildings due to a number of reasons such as scale build up, sensors and valves not operating correctly, leaking taps and toilets etc.

We can help, just ask.