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Businesses are used to comparing tariffs from an increasing number of energy retailers. But the market is complex, with retailers becoming adept at continuing to make comparisons difficult with issues such as inappropriate historical charges, inaccurate or erroneous metering and confusing multiple tariffs to name but a few.

Analysis and Insight

Our philosophy is to conserve resources by reducing waste, however and whenever it occurs. So, our first step investigates your billing. As fiercely independent consultants we analyse your energy billing to understand your consumption patterns as well as examining current tariffs and associated costs. There is little point in continuing a tariff or billing structure which is fundamentally unfit for purpose.

Refunds and Disputes

Overpayments occur for many reasons. If our investigations prove that refunds are appropriate, we pursue the retailer to make repayments direct to you. Similarly, if you have a dispute with your retailer, we are happy to investigate and intervene. Finally, if we believe reduced tariffs are applicable in the future, we will seek implementation. We don’t charge upfront fees, but we ask for a share of any refund or savings you may receive.

Our highly developed investigative and analytical skills have achieved outstanding successes. To date we have succeeded with every claim made to energy retailers on our clients’ behalf.



Following appraisals, we seek from a panel of retailers the most appropriate and most cost-effective tariffs and charges. Our panel of around 20 energy retailers means we can find one of the best tariffs available. We challenge and manage energy retailers to ensure that going forward they provide comprehensive, transparent and supportive services. For transparency and your peace of mind, we always show every quotation.

Advanced Meter Monitoring Technology

Obtaining accurate and timely meter data can be problematic. Peritus works with a partner able to provide real time data 24/7 for electricity and gas meters.