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Ørsted to exit the SME and mid-market energy retail sector

Thursday 5th September 2019

Source : Issued direct from Ørsted. (Edited by Peritus Energy and Water Ltd)

Ørsted’s vision is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy. We are the largest offshore wind provider with a reliable track record and leader of the energy transition.

To ensure we focus on the customers where we can offer real impact, we have taken the decision to stop selling to the SME and mid-market segment with immediate effect. We remain committed to all contractual obligations and we still deliver excellent customer service until the end of their contract but will no longer price any new or renewal customers. Moving forwards, we will dedicate all our efforts to the Commercial & Industrial sector to ensure we continue to lead the green transition and achieve a world run entirely on green energy.

Q. What will happen to existing customers?

A. We will continue to honour all of our contracts and provide high levels of customer service until the end of those contracts.

Q. What about current tenders and renewals that have been priced?

A. From today, all current tender offers are no longer valid.

Q. What customers will Ørsted be selling to moving forward?

A. We will continue selling gas and electricity to customers with consumption over 30GWh per annum.

Q. Will you be writing to all customers to let them know?

A. No, current customers will not see any difference in the levels of service that we provide.

Q. Can current customers exit their current contracts with Ørsted?

A. No, all customers are contracted to Ørsted until the end of their contract.

Q. Who should I contact in regards to my existing and future queries?

A. You can continue to contact Peritus Energy and Water, or your usual contacts at Ørsted . customer_services@orsted.co.uk Tel: 0800 056 8101

Q: Why have you made the decision to stop selling to <30GWh customers

A: We have been looking into how we can align our Danish and UK SME customers – customers with annual consumption below 30GWh – and the conclusion is that these businesses are not compatible with the course we have set for Ørsted,

Q: I have a dedicated point of contact within Ørsted.

A: You can use our general email and phone numbers for queries, as follows.

Thank you for your cooperation.